Seattle Sports E-Merse Waterproof Case Review

Seattle Sports E-Merse Waterproof Cases might just be one of the least expensive camping accessories that potentially saves you the most heartache and money in the long run.Seattle Sports E-Merse Waterproof Case Review

I’ve covered all kinds of camping gear and accessories that make camping easier and more fun, like stoves, water filters, tents, and more. But one of the most important items that is often forgotten about until it’s too late is your cell phone.

Let’s be honest, we can’t spend long without our mobile phones, even when appreciating the great outdoors. There are good safety reasons to have your phone with you when camping or hiking, and ‘safety’ not only means being able to contact people in an emergency but keeping your phone safe from damage.

Smartphones aren’t cheap, and doing activities outdoors without a decent case means that you’re likely to crack the screen, dent it, or even lose it eventually. Not to mention that water and phones do not mix, at all.

This waterproof case isn’t one of those thin phone cases designed to help protect your phone from being put down too rough or dropped on the floor indoors. It’s a strong protective waterproof case that will protect your phone in the harshest elements.

You can do water sports, extreme sports, hike in any weather conditions, do just about anything outdoors and know your phone is protected. The clear window also means you can take photos and read messages without removing it from the case.

Seattle Sports E-Merse Waterproof Case Review

Will the Seattle Sports E-Merse Waterproof Case Fit my Phone?

The internal dimensions are 5.75” 3.25” (H x W) so you can measure up against your phone if you’re in doubt. It fits an iPhone 5 comfortably if you are familiar with the iPhone range, there are so many types of Droid it’s hard to list all the models.

The case only weighs 1.4oz when empty so don’t worry about the added weight if you like traveling light. The case means you’re carrying a much bulkier item than just your phone, but it comes with a cord so you can tie it around your pack if it doesn’t fit into your pocket.

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Features of the Seattle E-Merse Case

Waterproof – What’s a protective case if it’s not waterproof? The E-Merse has sealed seams, a resealable inner closure, and a second slide-open clamp to make it as watertight as any case can be. You can even submerse it up to 10-feet.

Durable – It’s made from tough PVC-Free thermoplastic polyurethane so regardless how active you are and what you do with your phone the case isn’t going to rip.

Easy to carry– There is a soft-touch bar to use as a carry handle and a cord so you can tie it around something securely.

Large window/good visibility – The window is much wider than a smartphone so you can see the whole screen if you’re reading message and checking mails. It’s also clear enough to take photos through without having to remove the phone.

The ProsSeattle Sports E-Merse Waterproof Case Overvew

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Affordable

The Cons

  • Doesn’t fit the largest smartphones


The Seattle Sports E-Merse Waterproof Case is basically insurance that your phone isn’t going to end up with a cracked screen or soaked through. It adds some bulk to your phone, but this helps keep it more visible too.

If you do any water sports like canoeing or jet skiing this is the case for you. You can take your phone with you and take some snaps of film of what you’re doing. As well as rock climbing, extreme sports, camping…. if you’re outdoors you need to keep your phone protected – and this is the case for the job.

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