Camping Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids and Adults

Camping Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids and Adults

Scavenger hunts are a great way to have fun as a family while camping. As well as helping kids stay active, learn and explore more about the outdoors, and are easy to arrange.

In this article, I cover some camping scavenger hunt ideas for kids and adults.

What Is a Scavenger Hunt?

A scavenger hunt is a game that is commonly played outdoors while camping or during other activities.

The organizers put together a list of specific items that the participants need to find. These are usually items that can be found outdoors, such as pine cones, certain plants, etc.

A scavenger hunt is not to be confused with a treasure hunt. There are no maps or set routes. The participants can collect the items on the list in any order and go about the task their own way.

It’s different than geocaching too. There are no items already hidden by someone else, you’re using what nature has left. (or yourself)

How to Make a Fun and Interactive Scavenger Hunt

People of all ages can take part, but let’s be honest it’s about seeing the kids have fun. So when you’re planning your hunt, take into account the interests of the kids taking part.

It’s not about difficulty, so don’t list items that will be almost impossible to find! It’s about fun, being active, and learning about the different plants and items that can easily be found outdoors.

If you have a mix of older and younger kids then maybe add a couple of harder items that the older kids will know and be able to help with.

It’s about listing items that have a balance of fun, interesting, and not so difficult that it’s frustrating to complete.

Ideas for Scavenger Hunts with Kids

Stuck for ideas putting together a scavenger hunt? No problem, here are some tried and tested ideas that always go down well:

The Nature Scavenger Hunt

Outdoors and nature go hand-in-hand. Make a list of things to find that are all linked to nature, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Find an acorn
  • Find a feather
  • Find a berry
  • Find a pine cone
  • Find some moss
  • Find some bark
  • Find a blue flower
  • Find a red flower
  • Find a thistle
  • Find a twig
  • The Color Scavenger Hunt

This hunt always rustles up some interesting items, and helps the younger kids learn more about different colors outdoors, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Find something blue
  • Find something bright red
  • Find something light green
  • Find something light brown
  • Find something dark brown
  • Find something dark green
  • Find something white
  • Find something dark red
  • Find something purple
  • Find something orange

The Forest Scavenger Hunt

There are loads of items commonly found on a forest floor that can be fun to find. There is an educational aspect to this kind of hunt too, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Find an oak leaf
  • Find an acorn
  • Find some bark
  • Find a smooth stone
  • Find a ‘helicopter’ maple seed
  • Find a dandelion
  • Find a sign post
  • Find a fern
  • Find some berries
  • Find an insect

The Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

This one has been a firm favorite for more years than I can remember. It helps kids learn letters from the alphabet, and also spelling and new words as they explore and look for items.

Just make a list to look for items starting with each word of the alphabet. It’s not always possible to tick off every letter, but remember, it’s the team that gets the most that win.

The Campground Scavenger Hunt

If you don’t want your kids running off into the woods or you’re looking for games to play on your campsite then set a campground scavenger hunt.

There are more than enough things to look for around a campsite if you think about it. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Find something blue
  • Find something made of metal
  • Find something to cook in
  • Find something soft
  • Find an animal
  • Find something with wheels
  • Find something made of rope
  • Find a flashlight
  • Find some firewood
  • Find a tent

Rules and Tips for a Successful Scavenger Hunt Outdoors

Here are some basic tips and rules to make your scavenger hunts as fun, and as successful as possible:

Choose the day carefully – Just like any outdoors activity, the weather can ruin everything. Plan for a day with good weather.

Be prepared – There is nothing worse than confusion. You need to know exactly what is happening and communicate it to the teams.

Have the sheets with the items to find printing off. Know the area and have a good idea how difficult it is, and set a deadline to wrap it up.

Think age appropriate – As I mentioned earlier, camping scavenger hunt ideas for kids and adults need to be fun, challenging, but not too difficult to keep everyone interested.

Have prizes for everyone – As part of playing in good spirits everyone deserves a reward for doing their best. Also, figure out what you will do in the case of a tie.

There you have it, all you need to know to prepare a fun scavengerer hunt next time you’re outdoors and want to entertain children and adults alike.

If I’ve missed anything or you have some cool ideas to add to the lists above just drop a note in thethe comments below to share, thanks!



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