Base Camp Camping

Base Camp Camping

Setting up a base camp is a little different from normal camping. For most people, they do base camping alone, although they might be meeting with others to do some activities.

Camping alone in nature is an awesome way to really be at one with nature without any distractions. But remember, there is no one else to hold accountable for forgetting anything so you need to be prepared!

So, what exactly is base camping for those who are not familiar with it?

In summary, Base Camp Camping is summarized as:

A camp from which mountaineering expeditions set out or from which a particular activity can be carried out.

So, you’re going to need to approach base camping differently from regular camping depending on the activities you’re planning.

Mountaineering is a fun activity that I will cover in more detail in another post and requires some specific equipment.

In this post, I will cover everything you need to know about setting up a general all-purpose base camp to be prepared, comfortable, and well rested.

Food Prepping Station

I recommend taking a camping table and setting up a little mobile kitchen area. You want to have plenty of space to cook, all your utensils to hand, and be able to cook the foods you want.


You can usually afford the extra weight of a good two burner stove and maybe a good grill too when base camping.

Being able to cook meats or other high energy foods is important if you’re going to be doing high-intensity activities like rock climbing or running.

For me, one of the greatest pleasures of cooking outdoors is taking in the views. Set up camp somewhere where you can appreciate the great outdoors.


Pitch up near a good source of water like a lake, stream, and so on. If you still carry huge 4-6 gallon water bottles with you, it’s time to switch to purifying on the move.

Lifestraw make some awesome purifying products. From straws that fit in your pocket to drink water directly from the source while filtering out all the nasty bacterias, to their larger High Volume Gravity-Fed model.


At the very least you should have a tent and a ground sheet. If you’re camping in cold temperatures, check this post for all the tips you need to keep a tent warm.

I’ve also covered everything you need to know about sleeping bags, so there shouldn’t be any doubt around what you need for the expected temperatures.

Pitch up somewhere you have space for all your kit and close enough to the activities you’re going to be doing.

Miscellaneous Items

Here is a reminder of some of the items you are almost certainly going to need:

Flashlight/Head Torch – Don’t leave home without a good source of light, along with a spare and some spare batteries. I reviewed some of the best headlamps, check out the Fenix HP25 for a good place to start.

First Aid Kit – You should have a small travel first aid kit with all the essentials in there to patch up any cuts and injuries.

Repair Kit – At the very least take some paracord with you to make a quick fix or repair on clothing, your tent, or secure some gear with a tight knot.

What to Expect from a Basecamp

A basecamp should have everything you need to camp comfortably for weeks at a time. It’s not about traveling light or making do with the land around you.

Take the time to set up everything you need. If you’re doing some mountaineering or extreme sports nearby you will thank yourself when you have a comfy bed, soft pillow, and a meal to enjoy at the end of the day.



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